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How to book a tour and to find out if there are still available seats?

What is the rate of a payment?

Is it possible to book a tour for third parties?

Can I order a gift certificate?

Where to pay for the booked tour?

How to get documents?

What are the possible surcharges?

Is there air conditioning in the bus?

Is it possible to choose seats on the bus?

Is there a toilet in the bus?

Will I get a refund for the tour if I cancel the trip?

We have booked a tour, paid for it, but have not received an information letter in the mail. What's the issue?

Will I be checked into a room if I go on the tour alone? Is it possible to live alone in a room for an additional fee?

Validity period of biometric passport

Can I buy a ticket for the train at 08:05 if the tour departs at 08:00 or for the train at 23:28 if the tour returns at 23:30?

What language are the tours held in?

How many days can you be on biometrics?

What are the reasons for the ban on traveling abroad?

Is it necessary to issue an insurance policy?

What documents are required to cross the border?

Documents required for crossing the border with children

Martial law: who can cross the border?

Departure from Ukraine for men: exceptional categories

Are there any changes for the departure of men abroad after January 1, 2024?

What are the rules for crossing the border?
Information on EU customs regulations:

What amount of money can you have when crossing the border?

Is it possible to stay in the country we are visiting on the tour?