Pilgrimage is a journey with a spiritual purpose, which reveals the Divine beauty of nature and sanctuaries that were created under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Every spiritual journey is an opportunity to look deep into your soul to meet God. The right pilgrimage can completely change your life. That is why it is necessary to approach this choice responsibly and with prayer.

In fact, your pilgrimage begins at the preparation stage, from the moment you say "yes" to the desire for spiritual enrichment.

The Patriarchal Pilgrimage Center offers you 7 simple steps so that the choice of pilgrimage is thought-about and brings you maximum benefit.

1.Identify the purpose of a pilgrimage

What are you going on a pilgrimage for? The primary reason of a journey is spiritual growth, without doubt. Besides that, you can also

Deepen your connection with God
Feel God`s presence in new ways
apologize for sins and repent
ask the Lord to help in hard life situations
find answers to difficult questions
зцheal from spiritual, psychological or physical illnesses
to pray for God's intercession in the difficulties and problems of other people
And this is just a short list, to which you can add your cherished intentions.

Make sure that the places you want to visit accept pilgrims. Many of them have limited hours during the off-season.

2.Determine the optimal dates

For any trip, you need to find time in your schedule which it is not as simple as it seems at first. And if the choice of date depends on the people you want to share it with, this matter turns into a whole challenge!

If your own schedule is not too tight, pay attention to the schedules of pilgrimage sites. There are seasons with a large number of pilgrims and various activities, and off-seasons when there are no crowds. By the way, in the second case, you will focus more on prayer and calmly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place.

Do not forget to consider the weather: cold, rain or heat can add difficulties to any pilgrimage.

3.Select the destination

Where do I want to go? Is it one specific place or an entire route? Are you prepared for a long journey, a pilgrimage on foot, or do you want a short journey? When you answer these questions, you will have an approximate list pilgrimage routes. And the determined goal of the spiritual journey will help you make the final choice.

4.Alone or in a group?

When choosing your trip and its purpose ,you should also think about the format. Is it more beneficial for your spiritual growth to make this pilgrimage alone or in a company? If you are prone to group pilgrimage, do you want to travel with loved ones or meet new like-minded people?

5.Pay attention to the pilgrimage program

Each pilgrimage has its own program. It includes a variety of activities, such as visits to shrines, religious services, prayer practices and the tourist part. It is important that the pilgrimage program helps you achieve your goal. It is vital to understand what awaits you even before you leave home and go on a pilgrimage.

6.Choose a pilgrimage center you can trust

The pilgrimage movement in Ukraine is actively developing. This means that the number of centers and agencies that offer their spiritual journeys is increasing. To make your trip comfortable, safe, useful, meaningful and interesting, pay attention to all the details of the offers. It is very important to ask about the priest who will accompany you on the pilgrimage: what is his experience and knowledge in this matter.
By the way, the team of the Patriarchal Pilgrimage Center is always ready to answer all your questions and provide comprehensive information about each pilgrimage.

7.Trust God

Our main companion in the pilgrimage is the Lord God himself. Often our human skills and desires are not enough to choose the right route, time or things. Or we are simply afraid to take the first step and go on the road. Let’s remember at every stage of preparation for the pilgrimage about communication with God. He is the best adviser in life’s contradictions!

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