Any pilgrimage is a spiritual event that can change your life forever. However, this may not happen without any efforts in the preparation phase.

When you start preparing for the pilgrimage, ask yourself:

  • Where in my life do I most need God's intervention?
  • What worries me the most right now?
  • How can God change this?

Honest answers to these questions will help form a goal and prayer intention for the pilgrimage. After all, communication with God occupies a central place in the experience of a spiritual journey.

Continue your usual prayer practices

Everyone has their own prayer rule. These are prayers that we repeat every day: morning, evening, rosary, Jesus prayer, novenas, akathists, Intercessory prayers for loved ones. Also, you should try adding something new to your praying routine. Your priest or parish priest can help you choose it.

Pray for a good pilgrimage

Set aside time to pray for a happy journey and a fruitful pilgrimage. These can be Novenas or Akathists to saints that are associated with the place you are going to. You should keep in mind that the pilgrimage begins even before you get on the bus.

Write down your feelings during the pilgrimage

Every day, try to dedicate a few minutes to your journal before and during your trip. Begin your textual journey with deep questions about your spiritual quest. Later on, even brief notes can serve as an invaluable tool in communication with God during the pilgrimage.

Ask loved ones about their prayer intentions

Ask your loved ones to share their needs so that you can make a list of intentions or names to take with you. In the pilgrimage, find the time to pray for those people. If possible, buy a gift for your loved ones. It will remind you of the prayer and can serve as an invitation to go together on new pilgrimages.

Choose your own prayer intention

Ask yourself what in your life most needs God’s will and blessing. What do you most want to pray for during the pilgrimage? Choose an intention and start praying before and during the pilgrimage.

Consider that such preparation involves a special experience of relationship with God. Therefore, do not forget to go to the Confession and the Eucharist before the pilgrimage.

Also, it is possible to make a Confession during the pilgrimage.

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