Day 1

 Departure from Lviv

Evening departure from Lviv and crossing the Polish border.

Travel to Częstochowa. Prayer in front of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Czestochowa on Yasnia Gora. Calvary of Zebzhidovsk. Vadowice is the family home of Ivan Paul II.
Day 2
Częstochowa Wadowice

Travel to Częstochowa. Prayer in front of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Czestochowa on Yasnia Gora. Calvary of Zebzhidovsk. Vadowice is the family home of Ivan Paul II.

Travel to Częstochowa.

The city has a church and monastery on Jasna Góra with the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Joint prayer before the icon. The monastery belongs to the Pauline monastic order. The Jasna Góra Monastery is known as the place where the Częstochowa Icon of the Mother of God is kept, which Catholics venerate as a great relic. In times of difficult trials that befell Poland, the Częstochowa Icon of the Mother of God was a shrine that united all Poles, inspired and lifted them to struggle. So we will also ask for her maternal intercession to unite the efforts of the Ukrainian people to expel the enemy from our lands. Participation in joint prayer before the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa on Jasna Góra. At the end of the 14th century, the icon was taken from Galicia, where it had come from Constantinople. In the “West” it is known as the “Black Madonna” and is venerated by both Catholics and Orthodox. Free time.

Arrival in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.

Divine Liturgy. Among cozy picturesque hills is one of the most popular pilgrimage centers in Poland – Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. It’s a monastic complex that embodies the Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ with its structures. The uniqueness of each individual building, the grandeur of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, the Baroque castle. The Basilica of the Virgin Mary is the central building of this ensemble. It houses a miraculous icon called the “Kalwaria Madonna”. Nearby is a Cistercian monastery, and directly adjacent to it is the later added castle of the Czartoryski family. At the entrance to the basilica stands a monument to John Paul II, who visited the complex when he became pope. During Holy Week in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, they contemplate the Passion of Christ in a special way. This devotion has been bringing pilgrims here since the mid-17th century.

Travel to Wadowice – the family home of John Paul II.

This city is the family home of Saint John Paul II. Karol Wojtyła spent his childhood and youth in Wadowice. Now the family house is a museum, where exhibits tell about the life of the future pope from childhood to his departure for the conclave in Rome in 1978. Hotel check-in and overnight stay.

Travel to Krakow and Lagiewniki
Day 3
Krakow, Łagiewniki

Travel to Krakow and Lagiewniki

Breakfast. Hotel check-out.
Travel to Krakow.
City tour program. Krakow is the place of Fr. Karol Wojtyła’s ministry. Guided tour of Krakow. Built by generations of artists from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque era, it amazes and attracts millions of pilgrims. Wawel, visit to Wawel Cathedral where kings were crowned and buried, along with famous artists and statesmen, Main Market Square, St. Mary’s Basilica, austere on the outside, hiding the richness of decoration and a masterpiece of Gothic sculpture inside. Free time.
After Krakow, we head to Łagiewniki. Arrival at the Sanctuary of John Paul II in Łagiewniki. Visit to the Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Łagiewniki is one of the most visited sanctuaries by pilgrims in Poland. Joint prayer in the monastery chapel of St. Joseph before the image of Divine Mercy and veneration of the relics of St. Faustina Kowalska. Divine Liturgy in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church chapel of All Saints of the Ukrainian People. 

Free time.

Trave to the Ukrainian border.

Day 4

Arrival in Ukrain

Early arrival in Ukraine. 

We cordially invite you on a pilgrimage following the paths of Saint John Paul II. Everyone will have the opportunity to visit places that were special to the saint: churches, the house where the future pope lived, cultural and architectural heritage sites, and other significant places. Seeing war and injustice, Karol Wojtyła prayed for peace and prosperity for his people. In this pilgrimage, we will also walk these paths of prayer and hope for God's protection of our soldiers, for the end of the war, and for the victory of our Ukraine over the enemy.

The Pilgrimage Center reserves the right to change the pilgrimage program without losing the significance of the sites.

Included in the price

  • hotel accommodation (2-3 people per room);
  • breakfast;
  • travel by Euro-class bus according to the route;
  • accompaniment by a spiritual guide and group leader;
  • basic medical insurance.

Not included in the price

  • public transport;
  • excursion program according to the route – 20 euros;
  • personal expenses.

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